Residential Solar
Homeowner-Installed Systems

Get A Solar Energy System
For Your Home
Without The Insane Installation Costs

With BOXED, you can get a built-to-order system designed uniquely for your needs, and we’ll help you set it up remotely. You’ll receive all the parts, instruction, and equipment needed, and reduce the overall cost of your system by up to 50% because there is NO labor cost.

Maximize The Energy Production of Your Available Roof (or Land) Space
Get Your Energy Bills Reduced By 60 To 90%
Receive A Professional Plan Set To Aid You With Permitting And The Installation
Improve your R.O.I. By Significantly Reducing Your Initial Investment
Be Code Compliant and Get Your Building Permit Approved Without A Hassle
Receive Parts Sourced from U.S. Based Manufacturers That Offer Comprehensive Warranties
Install Equipment That Meets Rigorous Quality Standards:
Unobtrusive, Elegant Solar Panels
Powerful, Reliable Inverters
Robust, Easy-To-Install Mounting
U.L. Certified Components

Self Solar Installations
Are Easier Than You Think!

Residential solar power has exploded in the past decade – and for a good reason. It’s clean, almost maintenance-free, and reliable. And in response, many solar providers are seizing this opportunity to balloon prices to obscene levels. And people are paying it.

But as the technology is refined, you no longer need a team of installers to mount some panels and run the cables. If you are comfortable with the mechanical and electrical work or know a contractor who is, then there’s no reason to pay thousands to a corporation to do the installation when you’re fully capable of doing it in a single weekend.

I have finished my install. Thanks again for all the help on this project!
David Hale – Kaysville, UT
Our incredible 12kW solar system is up and running! We just got inspection and grid-connection production approval. I wanted to thank you again for all your help on the microinverters for the system.
Donna Maddy – Wahkiacus, WA
All components and modules appear to be up and running. I’m happy with the system I bought and the support I received from BOXED Solar.
Mario Church – Bonita, CA
Residential Homeowner Solar Installation

A System To Fit Your Home,
Climate, Space Requirements,
and Power Needs

Since 2011, we’ve helped countless homeowners start harvesting clean, free solar power.

Why do our customers love us? Because we make the entire process quick and straightforward for YOU:

  1. Just fill out the intake form and tell us a little about your desired situation. 
  2. Schedule a discovery call with one of our expert technicians to review some options.
  3. Receive your customized proposal, suited to your exact specifications. And if you don’t love it, we’ll revise it based on your feedback and create a new one.
  4. We process your order and ship the BOXED solar system to your home!

Getting Solar Installed Has Never Been
More Accessible Or Affordable!

Join hundreds of homeowners who
have gone solar on their own terms.


Need extra guidance regarding permitting/equipment/code requirements/ANYTHING?

Our team of qualified technicians is here to guide you any day of the week. Though most people find the product instructions simple and straightforward, we know every situation is different. So we’re here to help! You’ll also get manufacturer instructions as well as installation videos when available.

How much support can I expect?

We pride ourselves on our responsive and professional support. Before and after your BOXED package arrives at your home, we’re here to answer any question you have about lead times, delivery, costs, and setup.

What equipment manufacturers do you offer? 

We exclusively work with manufacturers that have a physical presence in the U.S. and can honor warranty claims from a domestic facility. We can discuss which is best for you during our initial discovery call:

Panel manufacturers, we partner with:
– Canadian Solar
– Trina Solar
– Solaria
– Panasonic

Power inverters that we offer:
– Enphase Microinverters
– SMA Inverters
– Solaredge Inverters / Optimizers

Racking and mounting systems:
– IronRidge
– Unirac

How can I reach you? 

You’ll have a personally assigned customer success representative whom you can contact any time who will be fluent with all of the equipment you’re ordering. Call or email whenever it is convenient. Beyond that, our head office is friendly and receptive, and can’t wait to hear from you.

Have Any Other Questions?

We’d love to answer them!
Call us at 888-972-6933

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