Why Customers Choose BOXED Solar

Solar installation California

14.5kW Flat Roof High Efficiency

I just finished my solar install yesterday morning with my wife Julie’s help. We received final building inspection approval a couple of hours later and are now waiting on the utility company to grant Permission to Operate (PTO). Thank you all for the help in getting us to this point with both of our PV systems procured through your capable company!
Jim Pearson
Indian Wells, CA

Industrial Off-Grid Solar South Carolina

Industrial Off-Grid System

My system is flawlessly working and producing more than enough power for the filter pump. It looks really good (well, I think so) so I will include a couple of photos of it as well. Thanks for your kind help, it is always appreciated.
John Edgar
North, SC

California Solar Installation

11.1kW All-Black Ground Mount PV

This is just to thank you once again for all your help and offer a little follow-up. The system is installed and operating, and I thought you might like the pictures.
Paul Casner
Oakhurst, CA

Self Installation in Virginia

Homeowner 9.8kW Self-Installation

The system was approved by the county and up and running well. I am still working with our power company to get our net monitoring straightened out but even so my bills have gotten way lower and I should be all fixed up with a new meter soon.
Brian Goodyear
Chester, VA

Self Solar Installation Utah

Self-Installed 9.1kW Solar PV

I have finished my install. Thanks again for all the help on this project!
David Hale
Kaysville, UT

Solar on flat roof Utah

7.2kW PV System On Flat Roof

I am talking to a few friends to see if I can convince them to install solar, thanks for your help and support!
Jim Bryant
Moab, UT

California Battery Installation

4,000W / 48VDC
Power Backup

The owner of the system that we installed is very happy with our work. Thanks again for providing the support when we needed it.
Brian Costa
Novato, CA

Solar Batteries Maine

4,000W / 24VDC

Our new solar set up is working great! (minus the fact that we don’t get a lot of sun this time of year). I am anticipating possibly adding some more panels for next Winter.
Mike Lewis
Liberty, ME

Metal Roof Solar Utah

9.6kW PV System
On Metal Roof

I really appreciate your time and effort.
Bruce Wharton
Moab, UT

Snow on solar panels New York

3,600W Off-Grid In Snow

Everything is working. I thought you might like seeing the solar panels in the winter in NY. We have people living in the Yurt, and they are keeping the panels cleared and the batteries charged. So far he has used the generator about once a week, and only for an hour or so to charge the batteries back up. Thanks a million!
Larry Popielinski
Fabius, NY

Solar self installation California

7.26kW Solar Self-Installation

Passed inspection! I did everything myself up until the last day. Then my brother in law help get panels on the roof and secure them. My best day so far was over 30kWh. Thank you for your help!
Kent Shelton
Valley Springs, CA

Homeowner Solar Utah

9.5kW Homeowner Installation

I am not a contractor but a homeowner who decided to install my own 9.5Kw system. I had never installed a solar system before, and to say the least, it was an intimidating endeavor. Pedro was a wealth of information and worked with me patiently through my never-ending questions and needs. In fact, some of my equipment was damaged in shipping (fault of the trucking company) and Pedro sped into action, sending me another inverter and railing within just a few days. They have proven their trustworthiness to me on countless occasions and I couldn’t have accomplished the task without them. I tend to be leery of giving testimonials, and so this is a rare exception for me, but I have loved working with Webo Solar! You simply can’t go wrong with this amazing company!
Jeffrey Hair
Riverton, UT

Solar Adjustable Tilt Angle West Virginia

12kW Adjustable Tilt Array

Performance has been very promising. It reaches 10kw output as long as it isn’t cloudy. That means spring through fall this setup is going to rock! I’m very pleased with everything. You guys are great! You packaged the system according to specs. I’m working on motivating some friends and family to take on the technology. Thanks!
Taylor Mills
Ripley, WV

Custom Solar Installation New Hampshire

Custom 3.5kW Solar Installation

Received excellent support. They helped me put together a package for my job and I got exactly what was needed, no missing or extra parts. As the job was being installed, I found that I had room for two more panels, so they helped get me what was needed. Everyone I dealt with at Webo Solar has been very professional; the items arrived quickly, with a great quality, and at a very competitive price. Will definitely recommend Webo Solar.
Robert Bouchard
New Boston, NH

Multiple Array Solar Washington

12kW Multiple-Roof Microinverter

Our incredible 12kW solar system is up and running! We just got inspection and grid-connection production approval. I wanted to thank you again for all your help on the microinverters for the system.
Donna Maddy
Wahkiacus, WA

Solar for cabin Wyoming

3.5kW Add-On Solar System

This is a photo of the system you helped me with. Combined with the other system, I predict I will get over 100% of my yearly usage. The house is all electric and we have severe winters. You guys were super helpful, it boiled down to racking and shipping. Thanks again!
Lars Moller
Wilson, WY

Black Solar Panels Wyoming

All-Black 12.4kW Solar Panels

No words. An image says it all.
Jim Sheehan
Alta, WY

Tile Roof Solar California

7.2kW PV System On Tile Roof

All components and modules appear to be up and running.I’m happy with the system I bought and the support I received from Webo Solar.
Mario Church
Bonita, CA

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