Damage And Claim Policy

All defined terms used below shall have the meanings set forth in Our Terms and Conditions. See https://boxedsolar.com/terms-and-conditions/.
All sales and orders are FCA Seller’s shipping point unless stipulated otherwise by Us. You are responsible for the risk of loss, destruction of, or damage to the merchandise once it has been tendered to you or the carrier. Shipment and delivery dates are merely estimates and failure to meet the estimated dates will not constitute grounds for charge back, setoff, or other damages or claims of damages against Us. You agree to pay all costs of re-shipment, re-delivery, returned packages or any additional cost billed by the carrier.

Order Inspection & Verification
You shall exercise reasonable and timely diligence in discovering and reporting to Us any damage or shortage in materials and parts. Claims for missing parts or damage in shipping must be submitted in writing to Us within 48 hours after delivery. Proper indoor storage of packages is required.
Before signing for a delivery, it is your responsibility to inspect the merchandise for correct item count and condition. Look for the following:
– Torn or punctured cardboard or stretch wrap.
– Broken or crushed corners.
– Broken pallets.
– Module stacks that shifted on the pallet.
– Missing “Do Not Stack” pyramids on module pallet.
You must verify that the packing slip matches the items received in the shipment. After thorough inspection note any discrepancies in item count and any item damage on the delivery receipt and inform the driver; additionally, take photos of the shipment before signing delivery receipt. If the driver will wait, we also recommend opening the shipment and inspecting items; since most freight carriers will not wait, verify the merchandise received as soon as possible.
The process for reporting order discrepancies varies based on what the issue is. By following the steps laid out below, you can ensure that claims are processed in the most efficient manner possible. Please direct any questions not covered below to info@boxedsolar.com.

Reporting Shipping Damage
After inspecting the order, immediately write a description of the discrepancy on the delivery receipt and inform the driver.- If damage is not properly recorded and brought to the driver’s attention, the carrier will not honor any damage claim.- Also indicate on the delivery receipt if the driver was unable or unwilling to wait to allow an inspection of the items within the shipment.- After noting all discrepancies, sign for the delivery. If damage is substantial, contact Boxed Solar for instructions. Proceed with signing and receiving product if you are unable to reach us.
In order to file a ‘Freight Damage’ claim, you must collect the following:
– Pictures of the damaged packaging and product.
– Serial numbers for damaged modules and inverters.
– A copy of the delivery receipt and bill of lading.
– Your purchase invoice number.
Contact Boxed Solar within 48 hours to initiate your claim; do not wait as you may lose your right to file a claim. Generally, you are responsible for filing the freight damage claim. However, Boxed Solar will assist you in the process of filing the claim. For a successful claim, all original packaging and damaged product must be maintained until the claim has been settled.

Reporting Missing Items
After inspecting the order, immediately write a description of the item count discrepancy on the delivery receipt and inform the driver. Items that are not part of the shipment will not appear on the packing list, they were or will be shipped on a separate shipment. Only file an RMA for the items in the packing list. – For any shortage or missing items file a claim by contacting Boxed Solar within 5 days of delivery.

All returns are governed by our Return Policy, which can be found at https://boxedsolar.com/return-policy/.

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