Product Information

Select a manufacturer from the list below to learn more about the products used in our BOXED systems. You will find technical specifications, installation instructions, user manuals, warranties, and videos.

Solar Panels


Canadian Solar

PERC Mono solar panels

See Canadian
Canadian Solar Panels


High performance PV panels

See Solaria
Solaria Premium Solar Panels



Inverter / Optimizer combo

See SolarEdge
SolarEdge Solar Iverters and PV Optimizers

Enphase Energy

High output microinverters

See Enphase
Enphase Energy IQ7 Microinverters

SMA America

Best seller central inverter

SMA Sunny Boy Grid Tie Inverters

Pre-Wired Systems


Midnite Solar

All pre-wired systems

See Midnite
Midnite Solar BOS Equipment

Schneider Electric

Hybrid inverters

See Schneider
Schneider SW and XW+ Inverters




Bonded racking systems

See Ironridge
IronRidge Racking and Mounting Systems



Surrette Rolls

Deep cycle batteries

See Surrette
Surrette Rolls Deep Cycle Batteries


Made in USA batteries

See Trojan
Torjan Battery made in the USA

Other Resources


Wiley ACE Box

Specs for Wiley ACE pass-through box for PV roof connections

Download Specs

Permit Package

Sample page of permitting package, full sample available upon request

Download Example